In all workplace and public access areas, including healthcare and treatment facilities, the responsibility for cleaning & infection prevention procedures lie with the management.

This responsibility is implemented through the appointed & trained operators.

These operatives, either the cleaners, nurses, or managers must ensure all steps in the cleaning, disinfecting, or sterilization process are performed & recorded in accordance with the Quality Assurance or Practice Procedure Manuals.

The choice of cleaning agents, disinfectants & sterilants’ should be an informed decision and used in accordance with the manufacturers’ instructions.


The Science:

Clinical Detergents:

ProDet The benchmark in Clinical Detergents.
PlasClean – Cleans all plastics and vinyl – gently.
INHIBIT – Clinical Detergent Foam – prevents the protein from drying.
PureDet – Environmental surface cleaner – removes contaminated bio-soil.
DenJet Multi – Suction line cleaner – for Dentists.
Aquasorb – Microfibre cloth – an inexpensive “drying cabinet”.

Eye Protection Articles:

ESU Articles:

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