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PureDet® Environmental Surface Cleaner

PureDet® Replaces Rediclean

Save time with PureDet®

PureDet® is an environmental surface cleaner that is premixed and ready to use. With PureDet® no time is wasted measuring and mixing chemicals, simply apply and wipe. PureDet®, is a Clinical Detergent specially formulated to assist the removal of organic substances including body fluids, blood, protein, fats, and lipids. PureDet®, is ideal for fast paced healthcare facilities and laboratories that need a quick, effective clean.


  • Surface cleaning agent to solubilise protein & lipids
  • Premixed
  • Non-hazardous
  • “Mist-free” applicator included with 500ml bottles
  • Removes organic substances
  • Safe to use on sensitive materials

Order Information:

PUD-500S A Starter Pack comes with a “Mist Free” Applicator (6 pack)
PUD-5R 5 Litre Refill Pack


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