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PlasClean® Medical & Dental Equipment Cleaner for Sensitive Materials

PlasClean® Replaces PlasDet.

PlasClean® is the clinical detergent that effectively cleans the most sensitive materials including plastics and rubber. PlasClean® prevents Environmental Stress Cracking (ESC) and is kind to examination couches, dental chairs, or tables, oxygen masks and nebulisers and all respiratory equipment. E.g. CPAP devices.

PlasClean® is an environmentally friendly product that is formulated from second generation surfactants and sequestering agents that remove the bioburden without effecting the polymers in the plastics or vinyls.

Apply PlasClean® to soften, lift & suspend bio-soils and then simply wipe the surface clean and dry.


  • Formulated to solubilise protein
  • Equipment cleaning agent
  • Compatible for use on sensitive materials
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Advanced surfactants
  • Created using renewably biological resources

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PLC5 PlasClean® 5 Litre Container
PLC500T PlasClean® 500ml Office Dispenser – Spray Top
PLC500P PlasClean® 500ml Office Dispenser – Pour Top

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