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AQUASORB – The Super Absorbent Lint Free Microfibre Towel

Aquasorb, is one of the world’s most advanced fabrics: a super towel. Using the latest technology, it has been developed to be incredibly absorbent, lint free, soft, fine, and yet almost indestructible.

AQUASORB – One of the World’s Most Advanced Fabrics

AQUASORB is developed from a unique blend of high-quality polyester and polyamide (nylon) fibres that have been split during manufacturing. The split fibre creates a larger surface area which gives them the ability to absorb significantly higher amounts of liquid.


The split fibre structure also creates microscopic recesses which more effectively trap soil particles. The fine crevasses, shown in the illustration, allow for soil and liquid to penetrate the splits, trapping the debris. The standard fibre (unsplit fibre) cloths have much smaller surface area and a very limited absorption capacity.

Uses of Aquasorb Microfiber Towel:

  • The perfect bench top drying platform and instrument drying towel
  • An ideal instrument tray liner
  • Super absorbent hand towel
  • Inner wrap for “difficult to dry” items or wraps
  • Perfect for cleaning glass or lenses
  • Absorbent and gentle patient face washer

Washing instructions:

  • Manual Washing
  • Soak & wash in a tepid solution of clinical detergent (ProDet is recommended)
  • Rinse thoroughly in hot water after washing
  • Wring out excess water then hang out or spin dry
  • Mechanical Washing/ Commercial Laundry
  • It is recommended that the pre-wash is on cool/warm and the final rinse cycle on hot. The laundry should be aware that all “medical practice” laundry may be contaminated


Wash & rinse Aquasorb in accordance with the above procedures.  It can be autoclaved as an effective tray liner. Process as per normal cycle of time & temperature (134 degrees celsius for 3 minutes).


  • Non-Linting
  • Manufactured from a bi-component knitted microfibre nylon/polyester material that does not shed lint
  • Super Absorbent
  • Microfibre will absorb 315% of its own weight without dripping
  • Durable
  • May be processed and used repeatedly, works in harmony with moisture repellent drapes
  • Gentle
  • Made from the highest quality superfine microfibers
  • Can be processed many times through a commercial linen service or in-house washer
  • Can be steam sterilized at 134°

Order information:

AQ1 Small 55 x 22 cm pack of 10
AQ2 Medium 55 x 42 cm pack of 10
AQ3 Large 65 x 50 cm pack of 10
AQ4 Towel 120 x 75 cm single

Please note: AQ3 is the most popular size for most Clinics.

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