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SS – Biohazard Spill Kit

SS – Biohazard Spillkit replaces CliniPak Biohazard Spillkit

Reliability when you need it most

The SS Biohazard Spill Kit has been designed to simplify the sanitary, safe removal and disposal of liquid bio-hazardous materials. Included in the kit is a Super Biohazard Absorbent for personal protection and peace of mind. Due to the packaging, SS is slightly smaller than many other BioHazard Spill Kits on the market.  Compact is an advantage: quick access and storage is important. The Clinical Waste Bags within the kit have a pleated design so they can be free-standing and therefore more stable when placing the materials into the bags for containment. SS includes a Clinical Detergent, PureDet, that meets the new standard AS5369:2023 for Infection Control.

The Spill Station kit contains all you need to clean-up a bio-hazardous spill:
500ml biohazard absorbent 1 pc
Face Mask and Eyeshield 1 pc
Disposable apron 1 pc
Disposable gloves 1 pair
Scoop and scraper 1 pc
Clinical waste bags 2 pcs
Hygienic skin wipes 1 pc
100ml clinical detergent 1 bottle

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SSBSK-1 Spill Station Bioharzard Spill Kits


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